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Where Do You Find Signs of New Life? | #1025

Fr. Joel Homilies

Easter 2 – We find peace, not when things change ‘out there’, but when our hearts change. We need to realize the depth of God’s love for us. The trials we are suffering are preparing us for new life. Let Jesus put his finger in your wounds.


You Won’t Always Be a Caterpillar (#723, Easter 2)

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The early Church gathers around the Risen Lord and leads others to faith. Faith gives us a glimpse of our final destiny. We are like caterpillars preparing for a transformation into butterflies. Don’t worry: even your wounds are glorious. [AUDIO]

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A Safe Landing in the Heart of Jesus (#619, Divine Mercy)

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Feat Deacon Michael: Thomas struggles with turbulence but finds a safe landing in the side of Christ. This wound goes all the way to Jesus’ heart. Bring your wounds and fears and place them in his heart. Come in for a safe landing. [AUDIO]