Your Father and the Fear Monster (#730, 12th Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

It’s a great feeling to be out of jail! Jeremiah trusts that no matter what happens to him, God will be with him. What fears get in the way of trusting God? Face your fears. Open the closet door. You are worth more than many sparrows! (25 Jun 2017)

Mary helps us take our first faith steps (Advent 2)

Benjamin Homilies

When Jesus came to earth, He did not begin sorting the good from the bad right away. Instead He came to plant faith on the earth so that there could be an abundant harvest. We have been given the faith, but it needs to grow. Mary helps nourish the faith in our hearts and she helps teach her children to walk. The walk of faith is when we do not rely on the things around us for support, and Mary help us take our first faith steps.