+355+ You have a Mission – and Gifts! (32nd Sunday)

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God is life. We creatures are meant to accept the Lordship of Christ so that we can be fully alive. We also have a mission: to bring others to Jesus, and to bring Jesus to others. Every baptized-and-confirmed Catholic shares in this mission. Fortunately, Jesus has given us gifts to use for the mission. Ask God to show you your gifts so you can use them for others.


+348+ How to cross the “Leo Frigo” Bridge (26th Sunday)

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The Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge reminds us not to depend on the things of this world. This world sees hunger and poverty as the biggest problems, but God sees that selfishness is the real problem. The poor and needy are not an inconvenience but an opportunity — they help us cross the bridge from the side of selfishness to the side of selflessness. Mr. Leo Frigo shows us the way.


+347+ Making your Mammon serve the Master (25th Sunday)

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Everything we have and everything we own really belongs to God. We are not owners but stewards. God has entrusted us with our lives, our stuff, our time, and our family members. Want to make God our master proud? Squander His wealth on the needy and the poor. A wise steward is one who knows how to use his mammon to serve his Master.


+341+ How to serve the King who Serves (19th Sunday)

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The true King of the world is Christ himself. He promises the ultimate role reversal: in the Kingdom of God, the King serves his servants. How do we become members of such a wonderful kingdom? He will serve us in the hereafter, but only if we serve our King here and now by serving our brothers and sisters. Go and serve your King.


Ord27 – Daily Stewardship | #142

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Ordinary27 – In today’s Gospel, the renters forget who really owns the property. We often have the same problem. Everything we have is a gift from God, including the world and our very life itself. Are we acting like renters or are we stewards?

Shamelessly borrowed from http://www.crystalair.com/story.php?id=200710005

Trinity – Spending God’s Money | #130

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Trinity – How much should Father put into the collection today? Take my wallet and you decide! Every time we pass the basket, we are making this decision. It all belongs to God. We are spending God’s money every time we give.