two children playing baseball with jesus helping

Lent: Spring Training for your Soul | #1016

Fr. Joel Homilies

Ash Wednesday – You are called to be a saint, not a spiritual slacker. To live as Jesus lived you’ll need to be a giver, a person of prayer, and sacrifice joyfully. It’s not going to be easy so expect to be uncomfortable. Welcome to spring training!

Jesus Knocking at the Door

What Happens When You Fall in Love… with God (#527, Easter 6)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Do you want to be friends with Jesus? Then you have to fall in love. Pray for this grace. Give God permission to love you, and to love others through you. Now we know what it means to be God’s friends: to love one another as He loves us. (10 May 2015)

Treat the King as He Treats Us | #148

Fr. Joel Homilies

Christ the King – Jesus is the King now, but he hides like an “undercover boss.” He rules not by violence and force but through compassion and mercy. He hides in humble disguise and gives us a chance: Do we treat others the way our King treats us?