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Lent: Spring Training for your Soul | #1016

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Ash Wednesday – You are called to be a saint, not a spiritual slacker. To live as Jesus lived you’ll need to be a giver, a person of prayer, and sacrifice joyfully. It’s not going to be easy so expect to be uncomfortable. Welcome to spring training!

Jesus Knocking at the Door

What Happens When You Fall in Love… with God (#527, Easter 6)

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Do you want to be friends with Jesus? Then you have to fall in love. Pray for this grace. Give God permission to love you, and to love others through you. Now we know what it means to be God’s friends: to love one another as He loves us. (10 May 2015)

FrBenjamin – The garden of the soul (15th Sunday)

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Jesus tells the parable about the seed planted in the field. We have all heard the Gospel, we have all had the seed of the Word planted in our hearts, but we need to cooperate with God in helping that seed grow and bear fruit. In order for the seeds to grow, the soil needs to be tilled up, and suffering is what tills the soil of the soul. Also, there are weeds that need to be pulled, or they will crowd out the good work that God wants to do. Our sins and bad habits are the weeds that need to be pulled up.

FrBenjamin – Jesus walks with us (3 Easter)

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On the happiest day of human history, two disciples are walking to Emmaus and they are downcast. They are downcast because they do not realize that Jesus has risen from the dead. In the middle of their sadness, Jesus walks with them and begins to show them that He had to suffer in order to enter into His glory. Jesus walks with as as we go through life, and He helps us carry our burdens. Just as Jesus had to suffer in order to enter into His glory, so we also have to suffer before we are ready for Heaven.

The first two lessons of Lent (Lent 2)

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Lent is a training camp and spiritual retreat for the whole Church, and it always begins with the same two lessons. On the first Sunday of Lent, we have the scene of the temptation of Jesus in the desert. This story teaches the first lesson: we must worship God alone and obey only His word. The second Sunday of Lent always brings us to the Transfiguration, which teaches the whole church lesson two: Jesus is the beloved Son of God, and we should listen to Him. During the rest of Lent, we will be sitting at the feet of Jesus and listening to His word.

God shows Jesus to his friends (Feb 2)

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Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple because He was Mary’s first-born Son. At the same time, God is showing His Son to some of God’s friends: Simeon and Anna are people of prayer and they are some of God’s friends. God also uses Simeon to talk to Mary and Joseph about who Jesus will be, and how she will have to suffer. Mary, however, would say that all the suffering was worth it!