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Throw the Money Changers Out of Your Heart (#449, Lateran Basilica)

Fr. Joel Being Catholic, Homilies

The Temple is a place of encounter where God meets his people. They sacrifice and he blesses them. Church is also a place of encounter. So is your heart. Cast the clutter out of your heart to make room for God. (9 Nov 2014)

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Listen: God Wants to Tell You the Truth (#444, 27th Sunday)

Fr. Joel Church meets World, Homilies

God is not comfortable being at a distance; He wants to tell you who you are and how to be happy. Through prayer Ignatius of Loyola discovered his path. I challenge you to 5 minutes of prayer morning and evening. (5 Oct 2014)

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The “I” Has to Die so a “We” Can Be Born (#426, Easter 6)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Marriages often fail when a couple is not prepared for the depth of communication and partnership that is required. But I do the same thing to God. I have often expected that God would support me in living “my” life and otherwise stay out of the way. Just like marriage, so we have to be willing to put God first and work on good communication. Most things are too big for me to handle, but there’s nothing “we” can’t handle.