Jesus asks Martha Do You Love Me

Do You Love Jesus Like a Teenager Loves His Family? | #935

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Ordinary 16 – St. Luke puts Martha and Mary right after the Good Samaritan. Don’t get so caught up in the works of the Lord that you forget the Lord of the work. In the words of Tevya from Fiddler on the Roof, Jesus is asking Martha, “But do you love me?”

Getting Plugged In To Power From On High | #930

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Ascension – Every Christian is called to be a little Christ. Stop looking at yourself and worrying about your problems. Look at Jesus, speak to Him, and focus on God’s will. Let His power flow! We want God to change the world, but He wants to change YOU.

Battle Ready: Birds of Pray | #917

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Lent 2 – Have you been falling asleep on your Lenten resolutions? Peter, James, and John were falling asleep at the Transfiguration. Abraham chased away the vultures of fear. If you want to win the big battle, you have to fight the daily battles.

Filled with the Spirit | #828

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Pentecost – God’s Spirit fills us with love, shapes us in His image, and restores us to Communion with one other. Ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Pray for others in the Spirit. The gift of the Spirit grows to the degree that we give it away.

Your Gift Fit for a King (#808, Epiphany)

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The Magi respond to God’s love with their own gifts of love. At Christmas we receive God’s gift of love; at Epiphany we give back our own gift of love. Let us open our treasures and give God the gift of almsgiving, prayer, and sacrifice. [AUDIO]

A Prayerful Heart is a Watchful Heart (#801, Advent 1)

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What are we watching for? Christians should be ready for the coming of Christ, not only at the end of the world but every day of our daily. Making time to pray every day will help you be more watchful. This Advent pray for a watchful heart. [AUDIO]

The Savior Asks You, a Sinner, For a Drink (#717, Lent 3)

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Jesus comes into our daily life and invites us, “Come to Me. I can satisfy you.” Only when we find God do we find True Love. We can also read this passage in another way. Through the eyes of the lonely Jesus says, “Give me a drink.” [AUDIO]