Power Surge

Fr. Joel Free Range

I keep track of stats on my podcast and website. Usually I get up to 100 daily visitors on a good day, and much fewer on a slow day. Downloads vary but rarely exceed 400 any given week. Except for November 21-22, where we experienced significant jumps in both. Take a look at these charts to see what I mean.

PSA: Unauthorized Access (resolved)

Fr. Joel Free Range

Around January 15th, 2019, I discovered unauthorized access to the BrotherPriest.com website. An unknown party had managed to create an administrative account. This gave them access to any and all content on the website including visitors’ comments and feedback that had been submitted through the website form. They did not have had access to emails that I sent or received …

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The Brother Priest Preaching Podcast is a labor of love. I love preaching and I love tinkering with computers. I tinkered enough and a podcast was born! I keep tinkering to find ways I can put out a top-quality product for bottom-basement cost. I love hearing from people who value what I do. I love it ever more when people …

Search Party’s Greatest Hits

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The Top 10 Homilies of 2014 Last year’s podcast “album” was called Search Party. It was meant to focus our attention on the lost sheep who had wandered away from God. The album artwork showed four sheep and one was straying. Each homily had a little featured image that was a sheep on a colored background that matched the liturgical …