Pilgrimage Slideshow 2018

Fr. Joel Being Catholic

Thank you to all the walkers, supporters, and generous parishes that hosted us. It was a wonderful journey together and a time to unplug from “everyday” life and plug into God, nature, and our connections with other people. I’m looking forward to next year already!

The Maple and the Hemlock (#743, 27th Sunday)

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We are surrounded by spirits both good and evil. Our Lady wants to help us cooperate with the good ones so we can find the path to life and reject the path that leads to death. Holy Water and the Rosary will help you focus on what is good. [AUDIO]

Why are You Idle? The Queen of Heaven Will Help You (#648, 28th Sunday)

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The Queen of Heaven wishes us to help with the conversion of Sinners. Evangelization happens when we see, hear, and love as Jesus loves. Why are you idle when others are working in the vineyard? Go and fear nothing, for she will help you. [AUDIO]

Lent5 – If you believe… it is never too late for God | #122

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Lent 5 – Have you prayed and pleaded like Martha and Mary — and now it feels “too late” for an answer from God? Miracles are happening around us even in our own day. They remind us to trust that it’s never too late for God. Do you believe this?