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+403+ Our Sacrifices make a soft place for Jesus (Immaculate Conception)

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Mary was a perfect space for Jesus because she was never cluttered with selfishness. God made her Immaculate because she welcomed Jesus; God wants each of us to welcome Jesus and so become Immaculate like Mary. There’s an old habit of putting one piece of straw in the manger for each kind thing we do before Christmas. What can you do to make a soft place for Jesus?

+305+ Redeemed without Sin (Immaculate Conception)

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Immaculate Conception – Mary was on earth what we are meant to be in Heaven: “unstained.” God has been working in your life to make you ready to be “unstained” with Him forever. Christ will come for each of us. He comes to meet us now. (8 Dec 2012)

Mothers Day – Seeing Jesus in the Wounds | #126

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Easter 3 – We live the Emmaus story at the Mass and on our pilgrimage through life. Every mother knows the experience of being wounded by the ones she loves. You can’t see it now, but one day you will — in those moments of being wounded, Jesus was there.