Day 8 – Patron of Fundraising

Fr. Joel Church meets World

Did you know that St. Joseph was a patron of fundraising? I didn’t either. In December of 2016, I met with Bishop Ricken to review plans for a new church. The plans gave us a very nice building at a very reasonable cost. But I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to raise the money. The parish community had tried …

Don’t Use God’s Masterpieces as Toilet Paper (#745, 29th Sunday)

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Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.
You are made in God’s image: a precious, unique, masterpiece. Do you see God’s image in others? Do you see God’s image in yourself? [AUDIO]

+356+ How to escape the Money Trap (33rd Sunday)

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Generous giving means that we put God first, we plan our giving, and we give proportionally. The Devil uses selfishness to keep us trapped. Habits of generosity make us people of generous hearts, and set us free from the Money Trap.