The Savior Asks You, a Sinner, For a Drink (#717, Lent 3)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Jesus comes into our daily life and invites us, “Come to Me. I can satisfy you.” Only when we find God do we find True Love. We can also read this passage in another way. Through the eyes of the lonely Jesus says, “Give me a drink.” [AUDIO]

God is with us (and God cares!) – Christmas

Benjamin God & Faith, Homilies

Jesus was born in a little shack, at the edge of town, and Mary and Joseph probably thought that nobody at all would notice them…until the shepherds showed up. We might think that nobody notices and nobody cares, but God notices, and God cares, and God’s angels are always around us. Because of this truth, we should not be afraid of anything, and we should let God help us with everything.