Forgiveness Is A Light In The Darkness | #904

Fr. Joel Free Range

Advent 3 – Hearing Confessions makes me feel like John the Baptist: I’m not the Christ, but I work for Him. I too must forgive and be forgiven. Let Jesus be the Lord of your failures. He will bring light and life into the darkness of your heart.


Mister, Are You Jesus? (#613, Lent 2)

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Abraham believes God even though he cannot see the stars. The disciples believe in Jesus’ glory on the streets and on the cross. We listen to Jesus when we allow God’s love to shine through us. When was you were mistaken for Jesus?” [AUDIO]

Jesus Is Not Afraid Of The Dark (#605, Christmas)

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The year 2015 was pretty dark. There’s plenty of darkness in the Christmas story too. Jesus is not afraid of the dark. He loves you and wants a relationship with you. He wants you to love him in return. Train yourself to look for the Light. [AUDIO]

Christmas Midnight – Light and Life | #106

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Christmas, Midnight – We have just passed the winter solstice. Slowly the light will fill the darknesss. Each child born staves off death a little longer. Christ is the life and light of the world. May His coming bring you Light and Life.