King and God and Sacrifice (Epiphany)

Benjamin Homilies

The Magi bring three gifts for the child Jesus. These gifts proclaim three things about the child: gold proclaims that He is king, frankincense that He is God, and myrrh that He will die. We will spend the next year reflecting on these three aspects of the life of Jesus: how He is king and what sort of kingdom He rules; how He is God and what His relationship is with the Father; how He is sacrifice and the Lamb of God who dies for our salvation.

God is with us (and God cares!) – Christmas

Benjamin God & Faith, Homilies

Jesus was born in a little shack, at the edge of town, and Mary and Joseph probably thought that nobody at all would notice them…until the shepherds showed up. We might think that nobody notices and nobody cares, but God notices, and God cares, and God’s angels are always around us. Because of this truth, we should not be afraid of anything, and we should let God help us with everything.

Make your hearts ready for Jesus (Advent 1 – family Mass)

Benjamin Homilies

When we are expecting a little brother or sister, we need to get a place ready for them. Jesus is coming into our hearts, so we need to make our hearts ready for Him. This means making our hearts places of peace and love, and getting rid of hatred, sadness, and complaining thoughts. We should also remember to make a little Christmas list for Jesus. We should list a few gifts that we would like to receive from Him this Christmas.

We’re expecting! (Advent 1)

Benjamin Homilies

The good news is that we’re expecting; we’re expecting the birth of the Savior. Just as new parents prepare their home to receive a new child, we should prepare our hearts to receive the Lord Jesus Christ. A very good way to prepare our hearts for Jesus is to make them a place of peace and joy. By avoiding complaints and focusing on the positive things, we can overcome our negativity to help our hearts be a place of peace and joy.