Bishop’s Appeal: Missionaries of Hope | #911

Fr. Joel Homilies

Ordinary 4 – Today our guest homilist, Bishop Ricken, kicks off the annual Bishop’s Appeal. If we really lived what it means to be a “Catholic”, that second reading would apply to us. How is God calling YOU to be a missionary of hope?

How to Find Hope in Suffering (#614, Lent 3)

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Featuring Deacon Michael: God knows well what we are suffering. St. John Paul II and Blessed Chiara Badano both found hope by uniting their sufferings with the sufferings of Jesus. They encountered Jesus and came to know I AM as Our Father. [AUDIO]

Hope: God’s Already Got This (#503, Advent 3)

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“The one who calls you is faithful; he also will accomplish it.” Our hope rests in God, who has already been taking care of us. This gives us the confidence to trust Him with our future. When I can’t, God can, and He will, and He is. (14 Dec 2014)

+334+ The Spirit in the Fire (Pentecost)

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Our school fire last year was a terrible tragedy, but the Holy Spirit was moving in that fire to bring something bright, new, and so much better. The Spirit continues to work in the Church to bring unity, to purify us, and to speak to us in every language. The Spirit also moves people to step forward to serve the people of God in special ways – Priests, Deacons, Lay Ministers. The Spirit is moving in their lives and ours. Come, Holy Spirit!

+307+ The Lord is Near to Newtown (Advent 3)

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Advent, 3rd Sunday – No one gets away with evil — not me, not you, not Adam Lanza. We have seen our darkness and sin, and our powerlessness to stop it. We need a Savior, and He is near, in our midst. Come Lord Jesus! Come and save us. (16 Dec 2012)