FrBen – Three but not divided (Trinity Sunday)

Benjamin God & Faith, Homilies

Like Jews and Muslims, Christians believe in one God. However, Christians are unique in believe that God is a Trinity of persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Although they are three distinct persons, there is no division among them: they are perfectly united. The unity of the Trinity teaches us that although there are many differences between people, we don’t have to be divided. Instead, we can be united in love.

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You are Daddy’s Little Helper (#428, Pentecost)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Pentecost. Mass at Breakfast on the Farm. The Spirit moves through the world giving life. In place of our our desperate, frenetic pace, the Spirit offers to let us be co-creators with God, and so experience God’s Peace. Move with the Spirit. (8 Jun 2014)

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Lifeline to the Lord (#427, Ascension)

Fr. Joel Homilies

“Jesus did not leave His Father when He came to be with us, and He did not leave us when He went back to the Father.” The Holy Spirit kept Jesus connected with His Father, like a climbing rope, or a lifeline. Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus shares our struggles and we share His joy, peace, and love. Wait for the Lord and Witness to Him.

FrBenjamin – The Holy Spirit gives us power (6 Easter)

Benjamin Homilies

Without the Holy Spirit, the Church would just be like any other community. The Holy Spirit gives us power to overcome the obstacles that we face and to do more than we could do on our own. Like the reactor that powers Iron Man’s supersuit, the Holy Spirit is the motive force that powers the Church. The life and death of Fr. Frans van der Lugt is an example of what the Holy Spirit enables us to do.

Pentecost – The Spirit Moving on Pilgrimage | #129

Fr. Joel Homilies

Pentecost – You cannot see the Spirit, but you can see the effects of the Spirit’s presence. We saw the Spirit: Calling, preparing the way, bringing unity, calling forth gifts, refreshment, peace, healing, joy. Our response to the Spirit: Thanksgiving.

Easter6 – You’re Not Good Enough To Go To Heaven | #127

Fr. Joel Homilies

Easter 6 – If you love me, you will keep my commandments. Only one person was ever good enough to get to Heaven on his own: Jesus himself. The rest of us have to ask for help. Fortunately, Jesus is ready to help by sending us the Holy Spirit.