Do You Hear the People Sing at Your Final Curtain Call? | #1014

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Ordinary 6 – Accept your Father’s lordship by following His commandments. Make Sunday Mass a priority in your life. Accept your Father’s help by nurturing the Holy Spirit with daily prayer. We must all face the music. Do you hear the people sing?

The Spirit Leads Churches and Families | #931

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Pentecost – To be a thriving parish we have to give up trying so hard — and focus on loving Jesus and serving Jesus. We need to be the kind of friends and spouses that support one another in living the faith. The Spirit will do great things with us.


Behold I Make All Things New – and it Starts with You | #928

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Easter 5 – Before God creates a new heaven and a new earth, He needs to create a new heart and a new mind in you. This is why God has sent his Spirit into our hearts. Every time we cooperate with the Spirit we are choosing Heaven for us and for all.


Filled With the Spirit, How Can We Fail? | #852

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Ordinary 31 + TEC Anniversary – God commands us to love Him because He made us to love and be loved. But it’s humanly impossible! So God has sent the Holy Spirit into your heart. Listen to the Holy Spirit. He will transform you into God’s likeness.


Carrying Heaven Everywhere You Go | #850

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All Saints – Heaven is full of light, joy, peace… and free of death, evil, and sin. There’s only one requirement to get in: you have to be completely free of sin. Let God’s love fill your heart and life and — voilà! You are already in heaven.


Filled with the Spirit | #828

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Pentecost – God’s Spirit fills us with love, shapes us in His image, and restores us to Communion with one other. Ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Pray for others in the Spirit. The gift of the Spirit grows to the degree that we give it away.

Hunting a Wild Turkey with the Holy Spirit | #826

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Easter 5 – I got my first wild turkey thanks to Lee’s mentoring. The Holy Spirit mentors and guides us, gives us mentors, and calls us to mentor others. Let us allow the Holy Spirit to build us up in the faith so that we can build up others.


Every Christian has been given the Spirit of God (#727, Pentecost Sunday)

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The Holy Spirit is always working in the background to make the Kingdom happen in our lives. The Spirit is also working through us to bring the Kingdom to others. Each Christian has special gifts, called Charisms, for the work of the Church. [AUDIO]


The Answer to Unanswered Prayer (#637, 17th Sunday)

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We must be persistent in our prayer just like Abraham was persistent. What about when we don’t get what we want? Our Father wants something even better. We don’t realize that the best thing God can give us is the gift of Himself. [AUDIO]