Behold I Make All Things New – and it Starts with You | #928

Fr. Joel Homilies

Easter 5 – Before God creates a new heaven and a new earth, He needs to create a new heart and a new mind in you. This is why God has sent his Spirit into our hearts. Every time we cooperate with the Spirit we are choosing Heaven for us and for all.

Now it’s Your Turn to Rise from the Dead | #924

Fr. Joel Homilies

Easter – There are signs of new life all around us. Where have you experienced death and hopelessness? God wants to give you new life right in your place of darkness. Practice dying, practice rising from the dead, and practice going to heaven.

Carrying Heaven Everywhere You Go | #850

Fr. Joel Homilies

All Saints – Heaven is full of light, joy, peace… and free of death, evil, and sin. There’s only one requirement to get in: you have to be completely free of sin. Let God’s love fill your heart and life and — voilà! You are already in heaven.

Send Them On Their Way (#747, All Souls)

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We don’t know exactly what the next life looks like but it’s a journey we all must take. We send the dead on their way with our love and our prayers. We hope and pray that when it’s our turn, they will be waiting by the door to greet us. [AUDIO]

How to Recognize Jesus Before the Big Reveal (#724, First Communion)

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We are on a pilgrimage to our Heavenly homeland, the New Jerusalem. Sunday Mass teaches us to hear and see Jesus along the road. We are then sent to reveal Jesus to others. The Body of Christ? AMEN [AUDIO]

Easter Vigil Fire

Live in the Light and Be Filled with the Light (#722, Easter Sunday)

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The Kingdom of God is filled with all light and no darkness. Let the light of Christ illuminate your mind, yourself, and your world. Through obedience we walk in the light and radiate the light. Let your light shine! [AUDIO]

Can Golf Get You To Heaven? (#641, 21st Sunday)

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Will many be saved? Golf is simple but it isn’t easy. Similarly we are all called to a life of self-giving love. It is simple but it requires discipline and practice. We can do it with God’s help as long as we strive to enter in. (21 Aug 2016)

Stop Singing Hell’s Theme Song (#551, 33rd Sunday)

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When the world starts to fall apart, we know that Jesus is closer than ever. God loves us and has plans for our ultimate happiness. The theme song of Hell is, “I Did It My Way.” Change your tune! The theme song of Heaven is “Amazing Grace.” (15 Nov 2015)