Face of Cardinal Newman and Melissa Villalobos

Grateful for Miracles | #946

Fr. Joel Homilies

Ordinary 28 – Yes, God still works miracles. But often times the healing we need is for problems we didn’t know we had. Hardships are opportunities to grow in love and relationship, and to become more grateful. St. John Henry Newman, Pray for us!

How Many Times Should God Forgive You? (#740, 24th Sunday)

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Forgiveness is the transformative process of letting God’s love fill our wounds. Forgiveness allows us to recover our own dignity and the dignity of the offender. It is a work both human and divine. Forgive as you have been forgiven. [AUDIO]


In Touch With Jesus (#533, 13th Sunday)

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Does God really know what He is doing? Yes! His plan for our life and our love is the best. Our wounds and struggles are opportunities for us to turn to Jesus, to let him touch us, and begin a relationship with True Love. (28 June 2015)