Picture of a fire engine by the ruins of the World Trade Center

To Protect and Serve | #940

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Ordinary 22 – Are we protect and serving ourselves, or are we protecting and serving others? That is the question for police and priests, but also for doctors, lawyers, mothers and fathers — you and me. Humble yourself and God will exalt you.

Giving Thanks for Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts (#750, Thanksgiving Day)

Fr. Joel Homilies

All the things we are thankful for point to the loving care of God for His children. “Thank God in advance,” said Solanus Casey. St. Therese of Lisieux would thank God even for her faults and failings. Do you give thanks in all things? [AUDIO]


Tips to Avoid Anxiety This Holiday Season (#601, Advent 1)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Avoid the anxieties and tribulations of the season: Look back with Gratitude. Look forward to more blessings by praying a decade of the Rosary every day as a family. Let us wait in joyful hope for the coming of our Savior each day of Advent. [AUDIO]


A Holiday Season of Thanksgiving (#553, Thanksgiving Day)

Fr. Joel Homilies

It’s easy to forget how blessed we are. Thanksgiving reminds us of the proper attitude, even in the midst of suffering. In all things give thanks. Let’s make the “holiday season” be a Season of Thanksgiving. (26 Nov 2015)