Jesus is Dying to Have a Relationship With You | #925

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Easter 2 (Divine Mercy) – Jesus has won the gift of mercy by dying and rising. But the real gift of God is the gift of his Friendship. Mercy is what happens when God welcomes back his unworthy friends. As we have received mercy, so we must also give.

Open Your Heart to Friendship with Jesus (#704, Advent 3)

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Being a follower of Jesus means trusting Him even when things don’t make sense to us. Jesus wants to be our best friend. In the light of this friendship you will learn more about yourself. Open your heart to friendship with God. [AUDIO]

Jesus is the one you need (Lent 3)

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The gift of the Holy Spirit is the key to understanding the Gospel reading about the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus will give the gift of the Holy Spirit so that people will no longer worship on Mount Gerizim or in Jerusalem, but they will worship the Father in and through the Holy Spirit. The woman at the well does not know what she has been thirsting for her whole life, but she has been thirsting for the gift that only Jesus can give.

How to love when it’s hard (6 Sun OT)

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You would think that Valentine’s day is not the best day in the world to be celibate, but I got one of the world’s best Valentine’s day cards. A person who does not have a significant other is not living without love, because God’s love is always there for us. In Matthew Chapter 5, Jesus tells us about God’s love, and teaches us to love the way God loves and not the way that comes naturally to us. We can’t just love when it’s easy, we also need to love when it’s hard. +