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Part 4 of a four-part series on the Good News. Created by God our Father Kidnapped by the Enemy Rescued by Jesus Christ New Life in Christ The Jews had been slaves in Egypt. Then Moses came and led them out. As the Israelites marched out into the desert, they thought they were free. But their wandering in the desert …

FrBenjamin – Freedom inside the lines (14th Sun, Independence Day)

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The United States of America is a great nation. Our nation was founded on some important values, especially freedom and justice. Freedom and justice are very good things but they need to be connected to truth. If they become disconnected from truth, then they become strange and destructive. True freedom does not come from breaking our limits, but from recognizing our limits and living within them.

Our nation is facing a debate over the issue of freedom. The federal government is mandating that organizations and businesses supply health care, and that this health care has to include birth control. In doing this, we have made “sexual freedom” and official god of our nation. However, this will not bring us true freedom. True freedom only comes when we recognize our limits and live within them.