joseph dying in the arms of jesus and mary

Day 9 – Patron of a Happy Death

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Saint Joseph is famously the patron of a happy death. What is a happy death, you might ask, and how do we know Joseph had such a death? Tradition holds that Joseph had died before Jesus began his public ministry. The Bible says nothing about the death of Joseph. The last time we actually see Joseph is when he and …

Start Planning for Eternity | #936

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Ordinary 18 – It’s never too early to plan your funeral. Jesus wants to share his inheritance with you. We won’t be able to take his hand if our hands are full of vanities, feuds, and earthly riches. What kind of legacy will you leave behind?

Wipe Your Souls Before You Enter | #851

Fr. Joel Homilies

All Souls – Here are three reasons why we pray for the dead: 1) Purgatory is Heaven’s Welcome Mat: Wipe your Souls before you enter 2) Communion: Our ancestors are still with us on our journey. 3) We want to meet them at the Resurrection of the Dead.

Send Them On Their Way (#747, All Souls)

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We don’t know exactly what the next life looks like but it’s a journey we all must take. We send the dead on their way with our love and our prayers. We hope and pray that when it’s our turn, they will be waiting by the door to greet us. [AUDIO]

Do This Before You Die (#645, 25th Sunday)

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We are Stewards of God’s stuff. God expects us to use it wisely, generously, and for the good of others. All the stuff we have will one day belong to others. Use it while you still can to make your Master proud of you. [AUDIO]

3 Top Picks for Returns that Are Out of this World (#638, 18th Sunday)

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Wealth and possessions, power, fame, youth and health: all bubbles. They do not give security.  But faith, hope, and love endure. People matter more to God than possessions. Invest in others and you will be rich in what matters to God. (31 Jul 2016)

The Secret to Survival in the Desert of Temptation (#612, Lent 1)

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Jesus journeys from a mountain-top experience of God through the desert of temptation into the Promised Land. How does He survive? He never stops listening to God. Fill your heart with the Word of God. Keep listening to God’s Word. [AUDIO]

How to Get Greater Blessings from God (#550, 32nd Sunday)

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The poor widow is not afraid to give away her last piece of bread. God gives her a greater blessing. What is God inviting you to sacrifice? Every Christian must live a life of daily sacrifice until we sacrifice our life itself. (8 Nov 2015)