The Fire of Judgement Day: Purifying or Terrifying? | #953

Fr. Joel Homilies 1 Comment

Ordinary 33 – God’s fire is already burning in our lives. Avoid the cross and you build up fuel for a terrifying judgement. Embrace the cross and His fires will heal and purify you. Every day is judgement day. Stick close to Jesus and you will be fine.

The Key to Abundant Life Is Shaped Like a Cross (#738, 22nd Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Who wants to suffer, sacrifice, and die? But who wants to have abundant life? You duped us, Lord! It is only when we lay down our lives as a sacrifice that we discover abundant life. The key to abundant life is shaped like a cross. [AUDIO]

The Sign of True Love (#542, 24th Sunday)

Fr. Joel Homilies

It’s not enough to say “I Love You”; we must do it. Jesus loves by serving and sacrificing. So must we. He asks His friends to walk with Him down the road of suffering. We should never fear the cross for it is the sign of True Love. (13 Sep 2015)