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Part 1 of a four-part series on the Good News. Created by God our Father Kidnapped by the Enemy Rescued by Jesus Christ New Life in Christ “The truth is, Father, I can pray better in my tree stand than in a church.” People say this and then they look at me like I’m going to get offended. My best …

Battle Ready: How to Fertilize a Burning Bush | #918

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Lent 3 – Unlike the ancient Gods, the Lord is not another force in Creation. Moses needs to be convinced of three things: God’s Power, God’s Plan, God’s Love. When we are convinced of these three things, we can turn life’s “crap” into fertilizer.

Whats Your Deep Story, Bro? | #849

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Ordinary 30 – Arlie Hochschild, Strangers in Their Own Land talks about the Deep Story. Is your Deep Story one individualism and self-preservation? Being a Christian means we are part of Creation: inherently connected, known, and valuable.

Mass11 – The Creed and the Intercessions | #136

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The Mass #11 – In just a few short words the Creed summarizes the basic outline of the entire Bible. Here in Church we strengthen our faith in Christ. We need help believing. This is why we return every week and repeat again and again: I believe.