Forgiveness Is A Light In The Darkness | #904

Fr. Joel Free Range

Advent 3 – Hearing Confessions makes me feel like John the Baptist: I’m not the Christ, but I work for Him. I too must forgive and be forgiven. Let Jesus be the Lord of your failures. He will bring light and life into the darkness of your heart.


Come Home to the Father (#643, 24th Sunday)

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This story is all about you: you have a Father who loves you, and He won’t stop giving you stuff. Sometimes we get stuck on the stuff. When we come to our senses and remember who we are, our Father runs to us and soaks us in His mercy. [AUDIO]

UN/BELOVABLE album from Brother Priests, (c) 2016

Hollywood and ISIS Are Missing The Same Thing (#615, Lent 4)

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ISIS doesn’t believe in a merciful God. Both the older son and the younger son are missing the same thing: their father’s love. Sometimes we are the older son, sometimes the younger. But we are all called to be merciful like the Father. [AUDIO]


+321+ The Church is Serious about God’s Mercy (Lent 4)

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The Father sees his Prodigal Son returning, runs to him, welcomes him, and throws a party for him. Only God the Father loves this generously. When God’s love meets our sins, love wins. Catholics are expected to make use of Confession at least once a year, so that every Catholic can personally encounter the loving mercy of God. (10 Mar 2013)