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+309+ The Hero with the Huge Heart (Christmas)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Christmas, Mass at Midnight – We need a hero. Jesus has only one superpower: unconditional love. He is the antidote — not of violence, guns, or aliens — but fear and hate and selfishness. He shares His love with us and we become invincible. (25 Dec 2012)

Christmas Day – God has a Human Face | #107

Fr. Joel Homilies

Christmas Day – God has made a covenant with Noah, Moses, Abraham, David. God has been faithful even when his human partners have been unfaithful. Now God has a human face. He takes our side of the covenant, reveals God’s face, and shows us our destiny.

Christmas Eve – Whoever Takes The Son Gets Everything | #105

Fr. Joel Homilies

Christmas Eve – We asked for love, joy, peace, help, forgiveness… and he sent us Baby Jesus instead. Why would God send us a baby? Whoever welcomes the Son gets everything else along with Him. Is there room in your home and your heart for Jesus?