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Christians Need to Stop Being Nice

Fr. Joel Human Relationships

Maybe you were told as a child: “Play nice.” “I know you don’t like them, but we have to be nice to them.” Or perhaps you’ve overheard a parent correcting a child who said something true a little too loudly, “Don’t say that, that’s not nice!” Your parents were wrong. Christians should never stoop so low as to settle for …


A Heart Problem

Fr. Joel Human Relationships, The Loving Life

In previous articles I talked about marriage as a covenant, not a contract. I pointed out that marriage, sex, and babies are a package deal. Approaching marriage in this way helps us prepare for a long and happy relationship. But some couples start off doing everything wrong and yet manage to make a marriage work. Other couples seem to do …


Another Holy Trinity

Fr. Joel Human Relationships, The Loving Life

The three persons of the Blessed Trinity are united in self-giving love. When God created human beings, He made us capable of creating a community of love. Intimacy between a man and a woman creates new human beings. Across times and cultures, parents have been expected to make a stable commitment to one another before they start creating life. We …

The Procedure

Fr. Joel Church meets World, Human Relationships Leave a Comment

It is not often that I come across a short video that is also a brilliant work of art. The Procedure responds beautifully to years of clever but twisted argumentation from movies like The Cider House Rules. Put it on full screen, sit back, and enter in. Note: It might play better on the YouTube site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XW5lqp8crI8