Day 4 – St. Joseph a Model for Priests

Fr. Joel Church meets World

Fatherhood can be terrifying. You literally hold a fragile little life in your hands — and you realize you have no idea what you’re doing! Something like that was my experience as a newly ordained priest. Suddenly you’re responsible for the spiritual health and well-being of a couple thousand people. Some of them are older than your parents, many are …

Count your #covidblessings

Day 3 – Count your #covidblessings

Fr. Joel Church meets World

Did you ever make plans, only to have God throw you a curveball? Saint Joseph knows how you feel. I can count at least four ways his life was interrupted by curveballs from God, starting with his wife inexplicably becoming pregnant. Saint Joseph always embraced the burdens and never complained about them. In doing so, the burdens became blessings, both …

three people wood working

Day 2 – St. Joseph the Worker

Fr. Joel Church meets World

Yesterday we started a Novena to St. Joseph for our families and our world. St. Joseph was known for his trade as a carpenter (Mathew 13:55). The word in Greek is “tekton” and means a workman or builder, but specifically a builder in wood (as opposed to a stone mason or a blacksmith). He taught his foster son Jesus the …

baby Jesus nativity scene

Christmas Letter for 2019

Fr. Joel Church meets World

A Light in the Darkness Some days it can be hard to have hope. School shootings. Missing children. Domestic violence. Global terrorism. Climate change. Cancer; it seems always another person has gotten cancer. Mental Illness. Suicide. A college Freshman told me she has lost three high school classmates to suicide. If that isn’t a sign of hopelessness, I don’t know …

man walking through white crosses

Harvest of Souls

Fr. Joel Church meets World

Growing up I remember always having a large garden. We joked that my Mom planted on an empty stomach. We spent hours hoeing and weeding the garden. A few cucumbers and beans were the meager fruits of our labors. Then it was like the garden had exploded. Zucchini, squash, corn, tomatoes… it was hard to keep up with all the …