I Moved. And So Did My Podcast

Fr. Joel Homilies

Perhaps you’ve been a loyal subscriber to my podcast but in the last few weeks that I seem to have stopped releasing new episodes. It’s not you, it’s me. I moved to PilgrimPriest.us/podcast

And I updated all the podcast services that connect with it. Except for one: the unsung hero of the podcasting world, the humble workhouse that is the RSS feed. If you subscribed directly to the feed, you were temporarily forgotten. But it’s easy to fix, just copy and paste this link into your feed reader: https://cms.pilgrimpriest.us/feed/podcast

You’ll get to open several new episodes all at once:

When Life Feels Like a Cross | #1045

Want to Love All People? Then Start Here | #1046

Remember to Keep Holy the Sabbath Day | #1047

If Covid Doesn’t Kill You, Something Else Will | # 1048

While you’re there, Subscribe to the new podcast feed and Sign Up for my mailing list. You could win a free copy of my book new book, Oriens. Thanks, Dad, for finding this bug.