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Cherish the Gift of the Holy Spirit | #1032

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Pentecost – The Holy Spirit calls us back to our true identity as children of God the Father, members of the Body of Christ, and temples of the Holy Spirit. Don’t just receive Communion; cherish Him and hold tight to the Holy Spirit and the Sacred Heart.

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Let Me Share With You My Finest Achievement | #1031

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Easter, Ascension – My greatest achievements weren’t my achievements, they were OUR achievements. Jesus is the Head of the Body. That means He is closer to you than when He walked on earth. Ask for a deeper connection with Jesus your head.

Tears of Gratitude | #1030

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Easter 6 – Today I have to tell my parishioners that my journey with them will end in August, when I will begin a new journey with the three parishes in Antigo as their pastor. I am grateful for the blessings of this assignment. I bow to the Jesus in you.

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You Have a Place Prepared for You | #1029

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Easter 5 – You are chosen and precious and have a place prepared for you in Heaven. Holy Mother Church will birth you into eternal life and Jesus will be there to catch you. Jesus has a place prepared for you; do you have a place prepared for Jesus?

When Can We Get Back to Church?

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What peace we have, even in this wounded world where the battle rages on. We will not fear, for we know who heals our souls. Hallelujah is our song! When can we get back to church? I’ve had some variation of this conversation at least a dozen times. I know two things for sure: We will be open for public …

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Why Should God Bless America? | #1028

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National Day of Prayer – What do we have to repent of? We are guilty of valuing things more than people. Do we use the first day of the week to honor God or do we spend it on ourselves? God will bless America when America blesses God.

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What Did Jesus Mean When He Said I Am The Gate? | #1027

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Easter 4 – The shepherd would lay in the gap, himself the gate to protect the sheep from the wolves. He does not promise the sheep that their lives will be free of thieves and robbers, only that if they stay close to the Shepherd, they will be safe.