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Spring Training: Bring Out Your Dead Dreams | #1020

Fr. Joel Homilies

Lent 5 – Jesus weeps for you. He cares about what you are suffering, but he also has a better plan than the hopes and dreams that have died. Trust your friend Jesus. Start preparing now for that moment when Jesus will call you by name: Friend, Come Out!

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Day 9 – Patron of a Happy Death

Fr. Joel Church meets World

Saint Joseph is famously the patron of a happy death. What is a happy death, you might ask, and how do we know Joseph had such a death? Tradition holds that Joseph had died before Jesus began his public ministry. The Bible says nothing about the death of Joseph. The last time we actually see Joseph is when he and …

Day 8 – Patron of Fundraising

Fr. Joel Church meets World

Did you know that St. Joseph was a patron of fundraising? I didn’t either. In December of 2016, I met with Bishop Ricken to review plans for a new church. The plans gave us a very nice building at a very reasonable cost. But I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to raise the money. The parish community had tried …

Day 7 – St. Joseph, Patron of Families

Fr. Joel Church meets World

Today is the Solemnity of the Annunciation. This feast is celebrated 9 months before Christmas, and for good reason. It was the moment when the Angel Gabriel appeared to the Blessed Virgin Mary and invited her to become the Mother of God. Mary said, “I am the handmaid of the Lord, be it done unto me according to your word.” …

Day 6 – Patron of Unmarried Women

Fr. Joel Church meets World

Until I read Bishop’s material on the Year of St. Joseph, I didn’t realize that Joseph was a patron of unmarried women. It makes perfect sense. Joseph and Mary were betrothed but hadn’t started living together. He discovered that his wife was pregnant without his involvement. What was he to do? The Bible says, “Joseph her husband, since he was …

Day 4 – St. Joseph a Model for Priests

Fr. Joel Church meets World

Fatherhood can be terrifying. You literally hold a fragile little life in your hands — and you realize you have no idea what you’re doing! Something like that was my experience as a newly ordained priest. Suddenly you’re responsible for the spiritual health and well-being of a couple thousand people. Some of them are older than your parents, many are …

Count your #covidblessings

Day 3 – Count your #covidblessings

Fr. Joel Church meets World

Did you ever make plans, only to have God throw you a curveball? Saint Joseph knows how you feel. I can count at least four ways his life was interrupted by curveballs from God, starting with his wife inexplicably becoming pregnant. Saint Joseph always embraced the burdens and never complained about them. In doing so, the burdens became blessings, both …

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Day 2 – St. Joseph the Worker

Fr. Joel Church meets World

Yesterday we started a Novena to St. Joseph for our families and our world. St. Joseph was known for his trade as a carpenter (Mathew 13:55). The word in Greek is “tekton” and means a workman or builder, but specifically a builder in wood (as opposed to a stone mason or a blacksmith). He taught his foster son Jesus the …