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Soaking in the Love of God | #1009

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Baptism of the Lord (A) The whole Jesus is present under the appearance of bread or wine. Intinction is an option for offering Communion under both species that is more sanitary than drinking from a common cup. We don’t ‘take’ Communion because Jesus gives himself to us. So we open our hands, or our mouth, to receive Him.

Why does Jesus get baptized, if he had no sin? He is baptized for us. He takes our sins into the river like he takes our sins to the cross. His dip in the water makes the waters clean so we can be cleaned by Baptism. Jesus wants to give us all the gifts he has received: life, peace, truth, and the Father’s love for him. We should be like sponges that soak in God’s love and then squish it out everywhere we go.

(12 Jan 2020)

Going Deeper: What did God give you at Christmas time? Write it down, meditate on it, and soak in God’s love for you.

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    I really like the sponge analogy to receiving and giving God’s love. I had an art instructor who, while giving various demonstrations, would always refer to the ‘thirsty sponge’ when cleaning up, or refining art…always endearing, as if that sponge was a person. Here, too, we are thirsty, and God knows it! And upon receiving that Person of love, Jesus, through the waters of Baptism, the invitation to soak ourselves, carry it with us, and share it all over……is truly something to ‘wring’ out with joy!! Thank you for this beautiful homily!

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