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Ordinary Time, 31st Sunday (C) Are we friends and followers of Jesus? Jesus desires friendship with You. He offers friendship to anyone willing to take a step towards Him. He will make you worthy if you welcome him. In the end, only this friendship truly matters.

(11 Nov 2019)

Going Deeper: How would you describe your friendship with Jesus?

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    >>> Who is this God…? who so badly wants our love,
    so that he hides inside a suffering person
    to force open our hearth with COMPASSION

    >>>Who is this God ..? who created man to hiis image to be able to love …
    >>> Who is this God ..? who in return wants our human love so badly,
    that he wants to be born as an innocent child,
    so he can taste the most intense humman love…
    a moother’s love to her child
    >>> Who is this God…? who wants to forgive our stupiidiity …..
    >>> Who is this God…? who LOVES US to the point of accepting suffering a horrible death on a cross
    in order to save us from something so bad that we cannot comprehend

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