Collage of Lazarus and homeless people

Look Down and See the King Is At Your Door | #944

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Ordinary Time, 26th Sunday (C) Where do we find friends in high places? We find them in the low places! Do you see the homeless as an obstacle or an opportunity? It actually costs less to house the homeless than to leave them chronically homeless. When you open your heart to the poor, you open your heart to Our Lord. Look down and see — the King is at your door. Look down, don’t fright, he’s covered in sores.

(29 Sep 2019)

Going Deeper: Spend some time reflecting on the homeless collage. Which one is Jesus?

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    Father Joel could you please say a prayer for my son [X] and me, I have to pick him up at [THE] County jail at 10:30 tomorrow. He will b homeless again . I thank you for your great homily Sunday . I sure wish I could be at the healing mass instead. Feeling lost but my trust is in my saving hope Jesus. Thank you D.

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