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Ascension of the Lord (C) Jesus ascended into Heaven leaving behind an Israel still oppressed by the Romans and millions trapped in poverty and hunger and ignorance. The job wasn’t finished — why did He leave?

As a busy young pastor I found myself overwhelmed by all the work of ministry. The harder I worked, the more behind and inadequate I felt. Then I started actually talking to God and listening to His Spirit. I realized that I had been secretly serving myself instead of serving God. We won’t thrive as a church, or as individuals, by trying to thrive. We will find ourselves thriving when we stop trying to thrive and just serve the Lord faithfully.

A Disciple of Jesus is a little Christ. Plug into Jesus and start living your mission. We want God to change the world, but He wants to change YOU. (2 Jun 2019)

Going Deeper: Does Fr. Joel’s example of prayer resonate with you? How can your prayer be more focused on God and less focused on yourself?

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    Jesus ascended to heaven, but HE DID NEVER LEAVE US ……. ”… I will be with you the end of times…”…. Through the eucharist HE IS PRESENT IN US, we become part of his inviisible body … THE CHURCH HE FOUNDED. …Trouugh Jesus incarnation as a human, through Jesus, the Father communicates with us his love force and his essence.. Mankind cannot comprehend what god is, and how to please Him. So when we pray or talk to God …. we haven’t got a clue what he is except through Jesus … a loving father…. …. through faith guided prayer with Jesus we plug into God a universal love force field … that pours iinto us god’s love, compassion wisdom, patience, a sense purpose and an overwhelming feeling of wanting to go out help aothers in need…..WITHOUT JESUS MANKIND IS LIKE THE JEWS WANDERING 40 YEARS IN THE DESERT …… AND WHEN WE DISPAIR BECAUSE OF OUR PROBLEMS JESUS LEFT US MARY HIS MOTHER…MARY… THE MOST PERFECT, LOVING, UNDERSTANDING MOTHER THAT EVER EXISTED…. TO TURN TO FOR CONSOLATION AND ADVICE TRY IT YOU WILL SEE MIRACLES IN YOUR MISERY

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