The Problem with the Catholic Church Is… | #929

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Easter 6 – The Catholic decline hits home today as we say goodbye to the Saturday night Mass at St. Anthony. How can we stop the decline of the church in America? The problem is we are plugged in to everyone *but* Jesus. What are you plugged into?

Behold I Make All Things New – and it Starts with You | #928

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Easter 5 – Before God creates a new heaven and a new earth, He needs to create a new heart and a new mind in you. This is why God has sent his Spirit into our hearts. Every time we cooperate with the Spirit we are choosing Heaven for us and for all.

Two Things Every Christian Mother Should Do | #927

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Easter 4 – A mother says to her child: “Take, eat, this is my body; take, drink, this is my blood.” Motherhood gives us a glimpse of the Good Shepherd. Every Christian vocation feeds on God and leads others to God.

Overflowing With Jesus | #926

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Easter 3 – Through the hands of priests, Jesus feeds us with Himself. He does this so we can be full of true life. You should be so full of Jesus that He’s coming out of your mouth! Ask Mother Mary to help you receive, nurture, and share God’s life.