Forgiveness Is A Light In The Darkness | #904

Fr. Joel Free Range

Advent, 3rd Sunday (C) John the Baptist preaches repentance: Stop going along with society and start being the best version of yourself. Hearing Confessions makes me feel like John the Baptist. But I’ve also been going to Confession, and learning to forgive other people. Forgiveness invites God’s light and love into a dark place in your life.

In the name of Jesus, I forgive (Name) for _, and I ask God to bless (Name).

Advent is a time to prepare for Jesus. Most of us subconsciously expect Jesus to dramatically appear in our lives. But when we embrace the ordinary, live forgiveness and be quiet inside, we discover the Lord is in our midst. Jesus is quietly waiting in the dark of our hearts for us to find him there.

Accept your failures and they become stepping stones towards God’s beautiful plan for your life. Let Jesus be the King of your Heart. Let him be the Lord of your failures. (16 Dec 2018)

Going Deeper: “The struggles of life tend to get amplified during Advent. What is good in our life or marriage or family tends to feel even better. But what is messy in our life or marriage or family also tends to get amplified or magnified.” – Fr. Mark Toups (Rejoice! Advent Meditations with Mary)
What struggles has Advent revealed to you?
How are you responding to these dark places in your life?