I Am Not The King Of The Hill | #854

Fr. Joel Homilies

Christ the King (B) Jesus is the one person who didn’t try to be “King of the Hill.” The only hill Jesus climbed was the Hill of Calvary where He gave His life for you and me. Because Jesus was a loving servant, that’s why God made Him the King of the universe. Be a servant of the King in your workplace, job site, career, or school. When you let Jesus be the king of your heart and the Lord of your work, we can all stop playing “king of the hill. (25 Nov 2018)

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Going Deeper: This Monday, instead of “working for the Man”, work for Jesus Christ the King. How would you approach work differently if you let Jesus be the Lord of your work? Pray about it and then try it at your workplace or school tomorrow.

End of Season 11 – Building the Disciple Ship

This is the finally homily of Season 11 (the 2018 podcast year). It was a big year, thanks to our Mission Partners who give monthly and all our generous donors. Season 11 was called “Building the Disciple Ship” because of the new church building project in Oconto. But it was really about building up the Church which is the Body of Christ. I’m going to take all 54 homilies, almost 12 hours of preaching, and package them up into an mp3 CD. Our $5/show patrons and top donors will get a complimentary copy of the CD. I’m also going to make copies of the album available to everyone for $25. The price includes shipping to the United States (outside the US? contact me for a quote). You can order by using the contact form or sending me an email. Thanks for listening and stay tuned because Season 12 starts next week!

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