Well-Fed Slaves | #838

Fr. Joel Homilies

Ordinary Time, 18th Sunday (B) We become slaves to fear, pleasure, and expectations. Going to a Steubenville youth conference helps me appreciate the freedom of faithful young people. I walked with a couple through a difficult pregnancy that turned out to be a tremendous blessing. The solution to slavery is faithful obedience to God. He helps us walk away from our pleasures and expectations and through our fears into true life.

(5 Aug 2018)

Going Deeper: Browse the Prenatal Partners for Life website and read one of their stories.

This episode is dedicated s a gift and investment in the new AJ & Kat Sprader family! We love you both and are very excited for your future. Love, Mom & Dad

Check out Catholic in a Small Town with Mac and Katherine – Conversation begins at 45:55

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