Do You Know Your Purpose? (#811, 5th Sunday)

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Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B) • Jesus knows his purpose. St. Paul knows his purpose. Job eventually comes to appreciate that he has a purpose even if he doesn’t know what it is. Prayer can help us learn our purpose. Do you know your purpose?

(4 Feb 2018)

Point to Ponder: Prayerfully ask God to reveal to you the purpose he has for you.

Point to Discuss: Talk to someone who has a clear sense of purpose in their life: What is their purpose? How did they come to know this?

Point for Action: Today’s homily was short because of the Bishop’s Appeal Video. Watch this Video and consider Making a Gift.

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    Short homily, big question. Of course our purpose is to love and serve God and enjoy heaven with him. But what is our specific purpose today? tomorrow? this year? Definitely food for thought.

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