Don’t Just Give Something Up, Offer It Up (#714, Ash Wednesday)

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Lent is about giving something up. But we can do more. When we offer it up we are saying, “I’m doing this for You, God. I love you more than sweets.” Our sacrifice can be a gift of love to the God who loves us. [AUDIO]

Focus on Your Father, Not on the Crowd (#713, 8th Sunday)

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Today we are reminded that God is a good father. When we get too focused on immediate needs, we lose sight of God’s presence in our lives. Keep your eyes on your Father and the other stuff will fall into place. [AUDIO]

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Seeds of Faith to Light the Way (#710, 5th Sunday)

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Our Faith often gets treated like fine china. But faith is more like heirloom tomatoes. You inherit the seeds but you must water them. If you care for your faith, it will give off many seeds for others. Faith is meant to be shared. [AUDIO]

Let Jesus Teach You the Secret to Happiness (#709, 4th Sunday)

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Sit at the feet of Jesus and learn the secret to happiness. When we have nothing but God, we have everything. And we are Blessed beyond measure. Catholic education forms the whole person to live the beatitudes and become like Christ. [AUDIO]