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This is Why All Things Work for Good (#734, 17th Sunday)

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Solomon needs God’s help to discern good and bad. What brings us closer to God is good; anything that takes us farther from God is bad. The things that happen to you cannot separate you from the love of God. So what are you worried about? [AUDIO]

Receiving and Spreading the Good Seed (#733, 15th Sunday)

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God is a generous sower. We need to be good soil: open to receive, willing to persevere, and free from spiritual clutter. A good crop gives off good seeds. Parents and Catholic schools help plant good seeds in the hearts of children. [AUDIO]

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How to Say Goodbye to a House

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Houses are not persons like human beings are. But houses do have personality. Some houses are tall and proud; others short and humble. Some houses are meticulous; others rather messy. They get their personality from the people who built them and the people who live in them. Houses like to be lived in. They are happiest when people are running …

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Want to Have it All? Then Give Yourself Away (#731, 13th Sunday)

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Yesterday 5 men laid down their lives and were ordained priests. Getting stuff and holding on to it doesn’t really make us happy. Jesus teaches us that you are a gift that was made to be given away. Our King is not outdone in generosity. [AUDIO]