How to Recognize Jesus Before the Big Reveal (#724, First Communion)

Fr. Joel Homilies

Third Sunday of Easter (Year A) • We are on a pilgrimage to our Heavenly homeland, the New Jerusalem. At the end of our journey we will recognize Jesus — and realize He has been walking with us all along.

How can we recognize Jesus before the “big reveal”? We find Him at your local Catholic church, in the reading of the Scriptures and the breaking of the bread. Sunday Mass teaches us to hear and see Jesus.

Mass also transforms us into the presence of Jesus. Once you have seen and heard Jesus, You must begin to reveal Jesus to others. The Body of Christ? AMEN

(30 April 2017)

Point to Ponder: Where have you seen Jesus lately?

Point to Discuss: Read Revelation 21 with your family or friends. Talk to each other about what heaven will be like.

Point for Action: How can you reveal presence of Jesus to someone today?