Let Jesus Teach You the Secret to Happiness (#709, 4th Sunday)

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Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A) • Sit at the feet of Jesus and learn the secret to happiness. Power, pleasure, possessions, popularity? These four things are poor substitutes for God. When we feel poor, mournful, meek, and persecuted, it is then that we realize we are close to God. This relationship lets us be merciful, pure of heart, and peacemakers. When we have nothing but God, we have everything. And we are Blessed beyond measure.

This week is Catholic Schools Week. Catholic education is about sitting at the feet of Jesus and learning from the Master. The word Catholic means “universal.” Catholic education is universal in two senses:

  1. It teaches the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. We call this kind of education, formation. It is about shaping you to reach your full potential in Christ.
  2. It teaches the whole truth. It’s about more than just how the world works. It’s about what it all means, where it came from, and where it is going.

Catholic education is about more than Catholic schools. It happens at faith formation programs, Sunday Mass, and above all, in your own families. It happens when your children sit at your feet and learn by your words and your example. It happens whenever we live the Beatitudes and become like Christ.

(29 Jan 2017)

Point to Ponder: When have you received good Catholic formation, and how or from whom did you receive it?

Point to Discuss: The Beatitudes reflect the face of Christ. Pick a beatitude and connect it with a story from the Gospels that shows Jesus.

Point of Action: All of us have a role to play in Catholic education. What is one way you can contribute to the Christian formation of others?

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