Recipe for a Holy Family (#807, Holy Family)

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We are all responsible for creating a holy family. Today St. Joseph teaches us three keys to fatherhood: obedience, self-sacrifice, and giving your children back to God. If you follow Joesph’s example, your family will be holy too. [AUDIO]

God’s Precious Child is You (#806, Christmas Eve)

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Jesus looks like you and me but he is God’s precious child. Joseph, the shepherds, and the wise men realized they too were God’s precious children. I hope as you gaze on the manger scene you will also realize, “I am God’s precious child.” [AUDIO]

Saying Yes to God Brings Joy to the World (#805, Advent 4)

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Christmas is the birthday of the King of Kings. He leads us, serves us, loves us, and dies for us. His coming depended on just one Yes. Will you follow him, serve him, love him, welcome him? The whole world is waiting for your answer. [AUDIO]

The Perfect Christmas

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It was almost Christmas and they were far from home. They had every intention of spending a quiet holiday season. But urgent business required him to travel, and she refused to stay home without him. Technically this was his hometown but family connections were distant, and plans to stay with family had fallen through. It seemed like nothing turned out …

Maybe It Just Needs A Little Love (#804, Advent 3)

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There is no such thing as a perfect tree but maybe it just needs a little love. Christmas is all about God’s love. If we are humble enough to receive God’s love, then we can really start rejoicing. Joy to the World! [AUDIO]


God’s Plans Are Worth Waiting For (#802, Immaculate Conception)

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Before you were conceived in your mother’s womb, God had a concept of you with him in Heaven for all eternity. Mary teaches us two things: 1) God’s plans are worth waiting for 2) All we have to do is say “Yes” to God and God will do the rest. [AUDIO]

A Prayerful Heart is a Watchful Heart (#801, Advent 1)

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What are we watching for? Christians should be ready for the coming of Christ, not only at the end of the world but every day of our daily. Making time to pray every day will help you be more watchful. This Advent pray for a watchful heart. [AUDIO]