Community of Discipleship: God in the Flesh (#705, Advent 4)

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King Ahaz can’t save himself, and neither can we. God’s Son comes to save us. He is welcomed into the community of Mary and Joseph. Through the Holy Spirit, the community of believers becomes God-with-us to one another. [AUDIO]

Open Your Heart to Friendship with Jesus (#704, Advent 3)

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Being a follower of Jesus means trusting Him even when things don’t make sense to us. Jesus wants to be our best friend. In the light of this friendship you will learn more about yourself. Open your heart to friendship with God. [AUDIO]

Our Lady of the Apocaplypse

Conceived in the Mind of God (#703, Immaculate Conception)

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Before we were conceived in our mother’s womb, we were conceived in the mind of God. God thought of you in heaven, Immaculate. Work along with God so that His conception of you can become a reality. [AUDIO]

The Kingdom May Be As Close As Your Next Bite of Food (#702, Advent 2)

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Being a missionary disciple is about responding to Jesus in my life and helping others see His presence and action in theirs. Leading people to the Kingdom is urgent because the Kingdom is closer than we think. [AUDIO]