How to Avoid Spiritual Constipation (#646, 26th Sunday)

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Clinging to what we have been given will cause spiritual constipation. Instead we must give generously as we have received. I challenge you this week to notice someone. Look them in the eyes, listen to them, and give them some time. [AUDIO]

A Tall Drink of Water

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I still remember the day I quit buying soft drinks. I was standing in the aisle at the grocery store debating between regular, diet, caffeine-free, real sugar, and the latest weird flavor of Mountain Dew. Suddenly it hit me: there are no good choices. Neither the sugar nor the sweet-tasting chemicals are actually good for me. I passed on the …

Do This Before You Die (#645, 25th Sunday)

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We are Stewards of God’s stuff. God expects us to use it wisely, generously, and for the good of others. All the stuff we have will one day belong to others. Use it while you still can to make your Master proud of you. [AUDIO]

Come Home to the Father (#643, 24th Sunday)

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This story is all about you: you have a Father who loves you, and He won’t stop giving you stuff. Sometimes we get stuck on the stuff. When we come to our senses and remember who we are, our Father runs to us and soaks us in His mercy. [AUDIO]