Can Golf Get You To Heaven? (#641, 21st Sunday)

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Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) • Will few be saved, or many? Jesus doesn’t answer the question. Instead he says, “Strive to enter in.” Healthy living is possible for everyone but it requires hard work. Golf is simple but it isn’t easy. There’s lots of ways to do it badly; it requires discipline to do it well. Hitting the ball well is a narrow door.

In a similar way, all humans are called to a life of self-giving love. Its simple but it isn’t easy. It requires a lot of discipline and practice. All of us were made for greatness, and we can achieve it with God’s help, as long as we strive to enter in.

(21 Aug 2016)

Point to Ponder: Where in your life do you have good discipline? Where do you need better discipline?

Point to Discuss: What percent of the human race will make it to heaven? How would you know? Talk to some friends about it.

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