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Nine Years of Priesthood: Serving as Jesus Served (#634, 13th Sunday)

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Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) · Nine years ago I celebrated my first Mass and preached on these same readings. I hear Jesus reminding his priests: you won’t always be welcome, you can’t count on having a home, I am more important than family, and don’t look back.

I thought priesthood would be about knowing what to do and telling people what to do. But our first reading tells us that priesthood is really about listening to God and teaching others to listen to Him. The voice of God always reminds us to serve others instead of serving ourselves. He who gives of himself receives Jesus in return. And Jesus is worth more than what was left behind.

(26 Jun 2016)

Point to Ponder: Pray for the newly ordained or for a priest that you know.

Point to Discuss: Think of a priest whom you really admire. Discuss with your family or friends how he reflects the love of Jesus.

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