A Rabbit and the Resurrection (#618, Easter Sunday)

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Never underestimate the power of God! The Risen savior changes our lives forever. Just like it changed the life of the little rabbit who started leaving colored eggs for people to find. Learn to live the Resurrection every day, every week. [AUDIO]

Lay Down Your Life for the King (#617, Palm Sunday)

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If you want to enter Jesus’ Kingdom, you must lay down your life before Him. The legend of the thorn bird reminds us that Jesus is singing his greatest song on the cross. Will you take time to stop and listen? Make this week a Holy Week. [AUDIO]

Who is the Woman Caught in Adultery? Her Identity Will Surprise You (#616, Lent 5)

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The woman is accused of adultery, but the elders are guilty of adultery against God himself. So are we, for we have been unfaithful. Jesus loves the woman and dies for her. Will you admit you are a sinner and let Jesus die for you? [AUDIO]

UN/BELOVABLE album from Brother Priests, (c) 2016

Hollywood and ISIS Are Missing The Same Thing (#615, Lent 4)

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ISIS doesn’t believe in a merciful God. Both the older son and the younger son are missing the same thing: their father’s love. Sometimes we are the older son, sometimes the younger. But we are all called to be merciful like the Father. [AUDIO]